bezbog - peak in pirin mountains


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bezbog - peak in pirin mountains



Very nice spa, we were here in january, too bad it didn't snow. For 3-4 euro per day (from 9 am to 10 pm) you get access to a great spa. Big pool (some 30x10 meters) with outside temperature (4degrees for us), round smaller pool 50cm deep with some 25 degrees celsius and hot pool clover-like shape, with steps and bubbles at some 45 degrees celsius. Unique sensation to bathe in the coldest pool and then get in tyhe hottest one. Also for great sensations you can have a cold beer in the hot pool. They are still working at the sauna. Also a small 2 person jacuzzi outside. Music, large playground for children, bar at the big pool, mainly accessible in the summer. You leave e spa very relaxed especially after a hard day on the slope.


Even not the best snow fall in place we had another great weekend up there. The hut and the food is awesome. Should be back there in 40 days.


Taken the lift to Bezbog is like travel to other space and time. It was so beautiful and far away from stress of the big city, really relaxing.Bezbog hut canteen offers hottest tea :)


It takes 11 km to reach the Bezbog lift station. The lift will take you right to the Bezbog lake and you can enjoy to the marvelous view around.


In summer you can get the lift up from Gotse Delchev hut (up a windy road) from Dobrinishte. A return trip was 8 lev in August 2013.The Bezbog area where you get off the lift has a lovely lake, and a bar, where you can relax.For more dedicated hikers, there is a trail at the far end of the lake which heads around to further lakes. The one about 90 to 120 minutes hike away is stunning, though the path is mostly unshaded and is medium to tough going in places. Well worth it though.The last lift down is fairly early (16:30 when we were there) so you need to be careful not to get left up there! Worth going up early if planning the hike.


Отличный минеральный бассейн! Включает в себя три бассейна: горячий с джакузи, теплый детский и теплый огромный взрослый. Входной билет летом 2014 года: 7 левов -взрослый, 6 - детский. На территории есть ресторан, также продаются напитки и легкие закуски. Лучше посещать с утра, так как место очень популярно и ближе к обеду заполняется на полную. Наших детей нельзя было выловить домой :-)


Отличное место для ночевки на 1 ночь. Есть интернет. В столовой очень скудное меню, но готовят очень вкусно. Цены очень низкие. Хижина, определенно, нуждается в реновации.


Название отпугивает, но на самом деле здесь очень красиво. Был здесь летом. Прекрасный вид с высоты на озеро недалеко от подъемника. Погода летом почти всегда идеальная для хайкинга.

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