arkhangelskoye estate and museum


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arkhangelskoye estate and museum



Impressive former manor house outside just Moscow. It is possible to get there by public transport, although we took a private bus tour. The outside of the building needs some TLC, but the main house is very impressive inside and out. The guide took us through most of the beautifully decorated rooms. As we were there in winter, the outside statues were sadly covered to keep them safe. We then took a wander around the huge grounds, visiting a church and a few other buildings. Well worth a look, and we'd like to go back again in the summer.


We visited Arkhangelskoe on a rainy day, so maybe the rain added to the gloomy atmosphere. Maybe not. However I was a bit disappointed - after visiting Tsarskoe Selo in St. Petersburg, I expected something similar. The grounds are vast and beautiful and because of the good air there is actually spa on grounds. But the main building was closed due to the renovation and we were left with two small exhibitions, not very satisfying. Also, most of the stairs, buildings and rails are now in a desperate need for renovation. I really hope something would be done as the grounds are beautiful indeed. Tip for tourists, I would wait until the main "Dvorets" gets opened, without it there's not that much to see.


Very good place to have a long romantic walk. It is quite far from the centre of Moscow, you'll have to go by bus to the suburb risking to stay for some time in Moscow traffic but when you finally will come to the place you will be able to relax here on the lap of mother nature. Plus this is the estate of an aristocratic family so there is a house and a park.


Arkhangelskoe Estate is a sprawling collection of palace buildings, gardens and grounds that is a joy to wander around in summer. If it's too hot in the city, the breeze that the river brings is nice to walk in and the views around the grounds are lovely.


The most fabulous of the Moscow area estates -- this one still commands an incredible view, and has noteworthy outdoor music events all summer. Highly recommended for your one trip outside the city of Moscow


First, don't expect to tour anything inside. We couldn't figure it out, and think you need to do an organized tour. But the grounds are impressive, and very nice to stroll through.


After the initial problems with getting there (learning the basic of Cyrillic is recommended), we were struck by the beauty of the place and the history you touched. A tranquil place (even with school classes visiting) with the extensive parks open for you to stroll about in. We didn't have time to see all the buildings, but our guide pointed out the most important, told us their use, and told us the history of the family who'd lived there before they had to flee.


I like to walk in Arckhangelskoye in any season. February sunny days it is nice to cross the iced river and then in summer be surprised thar\t several months ago you were near that alone tree


this is a very good place to have a rest with family and friends and find something new and interesting. highly recommend on weekends - there may be a classical or pop music concert on.


Hiatorical estate in excellent state (as it was always visited in Soviet times by foreign tourists).


Arkhangelskoye is actually out of Moscow, about 30-40 min bu public transport from the nearest metro station (same by car). Only one-lane road is leading there, it may be crowded.The estate is simply lovely and very serene. The best time to visit it is autumn (fall), the park stays in full colour.(I've never been inside the palaces, so do not know what's in there, there was a military health resort once, now it is also kind of a resort, but it is open to public. It may be crowded at some special occations, but not too crowded.


Не возможно представить былое величие дворянской усадьбы, оно теряется в сравнении с рядом стоящим санаторием для военных. Сталин для своих офицеров строил лучше, чем князья и графья для себя. Большое количество красивых античных скульптур, замечательный летний парк. В котором летом проводят Джазовый фестиваль. Рекомендую к посещению летние месяцы, а также май, сентябрь и октябрь. Видел не однократно, как молодёжь там проводит фотосессии. Непонятная система билетов.


Великолепное место для посещения как зимой так и летом - наслаждайтесь природой, великолепной царской архитектурой, можете даже прокатиться на корте по территории парка усадьбы. На территории есть ресторан, цены не из дешевых, также небольшое количество сувенирных лавочек и платочек для перекуса (летом во всяком случае точно). Одно из самых полярных мест для свадебных гуляний. Вход платный, для праздников большими компаниями также нужно оплатить фото и видео съемку проф оборудованием.


Довелось посетить данное место в один из теплых летних дней. Территория поместья огромна и ,что не мало важно, хорошо ухожена: отреставрированные (или в процессе реставрирования) здания, подстриженные деревья, ухоженные аллеи и лужайки. Есть места погулять как в теньке, так и на солнце. Много гуляет семей, но для деток заметила разве что только лошадок с пони да большое раздолье, чтобы побегать:) На территории есть пара кафе перекусить. Хотелось бы, что бы карта территории встречалась не только на главном входе, но и по всей территории усадьбы. А в общем, отличное место, чтобы провести там выходной.


Отличное место развеяться от Москвы. Лучше приезжать в будние, людей на порядок меньше и припарковать машину легче. Река, парк, кафе, отлично!

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