bauman street (kazansky arbat)


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bauman street (kazansky arbat)



Nothing special, most of the old buildings have been renovated and it is a nice place to take a walk, several great places for a coffee or a beer. But it just gives you a scent of the towns atmosphere... very calm and casual.


This should a very lovely, crowded & animated street in summertime but definitely not in winter ! Better do not come & walk here in February, it is literally freezing or frozen I should say. I have admired churches (most likely restored with success) with bright sunlight besides -21 C temperature. The walk needs to need short. Surprizingly most of restaurants were closing at 10 pm thus even at 9 pm we were not accepted everywhere


nice proof-quality medals with Kazan views, beautiful traditional cushions. lovely though very very expensive cat cushions.


I visited Kazansky Arbat in November 2014. I found it to be poor and not worth the visit. You'd be much better off to visit the Kazan Central Market, which unlike Kazansky Arbat is well worth a visit.


I would say it's one of the cosiest streets I ever saw in the hearts of big cities... You feel so comfortable walking along its pavements and looking at the decorations, shopwindows and cafes... I was sorry I didn't visit Kazan' in summer, because I think summer look would add bauty to the place, whereas I was walking along this street on a gloomy pre-winter day. But even with that, the street was charming!


This street is full of unusual architecture and sculptures, starting from the Kazan Kremlin, continuing by the shining church of Nikolay, the sculpture of cat, coach, sculpture with the pigeons (both real and ..unreal), finishing by the clocks with arabic script. Several "take notes": 1) Kazan Kremlin is open 24 hours a day so you can see it either in the sunshine or with wonderful colors of the night.2) The sculpture of the cat is devoted to solving the rats' problem in the Hermitage - the museum was full of rats in 19th century (the empress Catherine the Great was given the cats-rat-eaters as a present. Their ancestors still live in St. Petersburg's greatest museum).3) The coach is the replica of a real coach which was used by the empress Catherine the Great for exploring Kazan. The pictures made nearby are definitely amazing!


A bit of a disappointment really as I did not feel the Street was being utilised to its best potential. At the southern end, there are many souvenir shops and a number of restaurants, but the number of businesses dwindle the closer to the Kremlin you walk. There was not the variety of businesses I was anticipating. It was just ok.


Most of Kazan's finest food, shops and entertainment is concentrated along this street. Nice choice of things to do, and a few cultural places to visit. Cozy, beautiful, good selection of food.


Rather disappointing. Lots of hustlers for business. Information of who lived where not easy to be seen. Bit of a let-down after the brochures described the street as 'bazaar-like', full of artists, musos, and creative types. More of the same souvenir shops.


Arbat Street is a pedestrian only street, and thankfully since it is closed to car traffic, makes for a good place for a stroll.You can grab a quick bite at the famous "Moo Moo" cafe, and also check out the many shops around the street for souvenirs. Bargaining is essential to get the right price, and one specially needs to check out an old-man who sits at a pretty tiny stall about 75 meters from the Moo Cafe. He has been in the business of Russian doll making for more than 25 years, and has been widely covered by the international travel industry too. His wares are all hand made, and have an authentic feel too. The prices are also lower than the many boutique shops on Arbat Street and definitely worth the purchase.There are other stores too on Arbat where you can buy knick-knacks and souvenirs and you simply need to bargain to get these at the right price.


It's a cool way to get yourself an idea of how the locals spend their time, taste the typical tatar food (I recommend to try "ochpochmak" - it's a little pie with meat inside - super delicious!)


It is an attraction point even for middle-aged people like us. A hot place for youth. Lots of things to do. You can walk, dance, make shopping, drink coffee, eat lunch or dinner , etc.


with some effort Bauman street might turn into Arbat in Moscow where you can not only have a pleasant walk on a summer night or on an icy winter time (the only two seasons in Russia) but also enjoy the scenery of beautiful people around, some flagshops of brands, lots of cafes, restaurants - international, local, Russian, Tatar, etc. , a modern shopping mall, cinema complex. And most important of them all, if you are interested you may end up in (Ugly Cayote club) where you may have a crazy night. Kazan s on its way to become a sport`s hub in Russia with all the organizations of Universiade in July 2013, Underwater Sports olimypics, European Football Cup games, etc and those will make the Bauman street more recognizable as we all have witnessed in that July 2013; a throughly international meeting place with street singers, shows. Enjoy if one time your path intersects with Kazan. And send a prayer to expats` souls.


This is fun street to take a stroll down. The fountains and statues dotting this street are lovely. The buildings have been nicely restored, but it is a bit commercial. Still, it's a great place for a stroll or to grab a cup of coffee and spend some time people watching.


Very pretty pedestrian street. If you wish to spend time as Russian youth does, just go and take a stroll. Many restaurants and shops along the way as well as some quirky monuments.

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