salavat yulaev monument


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salavat yulaev monument



Good place to walk alone or with kids. There are a few huts with non expensive tea and refreshments.


Great panoramic view, nice surroundings, good for a short walk. There is a small souvenir shop in a formalized jurt.


Great statue of hero from this region of the world. Great views across the river. If you only go to Ufa for short stay then this is one place to go as a tourist.


Really enjoyed there. Lots of things to see and enjoy, the flowers, the monument, the panoramic view, but most importantly the lovely people!


The horse of this sculpture is the biggest in Russia. The placement of the monument is very thoughtful - it is seen from all the trains passing Ufa r/w bridge on the way from Moscow to Siberia.At night it looks really impressive, being nicely illuminated. There's a restaurant in a neighbouring Congress Hall with a stunning river landscape and monument view.


Created in 1967 and rated #2 in EU the monument is still one of the biggest. The site is high over the bank of Belaya River and really wonderful - only a little restricted view on West - East and 20 to 40 km view South direction, supervising city surroundings, woodland hills, the Mouth of Dema river and Railway Bridge first constructed more than 110 yeras ago... Remembering our walks here in childhood and schoolyears we often visit the Monument now, wondering with colourful sunsets, small ships far below on the river in summer and and ski tracks on the ice and trees covered with hoarfrosy in winter... YES, it's surely must visit and maybe most remembered place in Ufa.


Probably it is the best point to see the lower coast of the Belaya river. From the high place near monument you can see the Russian huge space, impressing autumn time especially


There is actually a bunch of souvenir shops around worth visiting. Right before the monument there is "yurt" - a roundish tent. Prices are better than in the hotel. The best thing, actually, is to ask a guide to take you to the largest souvenir shop in city, which is right down the street. There you can take pictures in national Bashkir outfits for free.Decent English-speaking guides are found here


Simply no choice, but to visit this place while staying Ufa. I would recommend to go there early in the morning, when there are few people around - this will give a positive energy for the whole day. Or you can take a walk shortly before sunset, so you'll be able to take a look on the breathtaking scenery and on the way back enjoy lightened fountains.


Loved it! Great place at night))) good place to go before you head out to a club or bar. Great place for photos


Возле памятника в парке люди танцевали, было здорово. Вид на реку отличный. Все стараются подобраться к постаменту поближе что бы сфотографироваться. Забавно. Вроде взрослые люди)))


Расположен на берегу, возможность кругового обзора и соответственно возможность увидеть грандиозность этого сооружения. Меня впечатлил очень.


Прежде всего это отличная смотровая площадка. Сам памятник исполнен неплохо. А вот личность Салавата на мой взгляд весьма спорная.


Кто не бывал у памятника Салавату Юлаеву, тот не видел Уфы! Обязательно посетите это место! не зря здесь стоит Салават... Здесь же вы увидете Конгрес-Холл, телецентр. Прекрасные виды уфы открываются с этого места. Вид на реку Агидель, мосты через реку, фонтан. Летом здесь стоит башкирская юрта


Первый раз в Уфе. В целом город не туристический. Были на Новый Год. Снегопад, улицы практически не убирались, пешие прогулки не состоялись. Автотранспорт дорогу пешеходам не уступают, очень плохо. Сам памятник впечатляет размерами и удачным расположением. В ясную погоду хороший обзор города. Ветра дуют сильные, утепляйтесь. Рядом были ледяные не плохие горки и скульптуры изо льда.

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