chkalov staircase


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chkalov staircase



Soul taking place and with plenty of young people (most of them students) around. Of course it is much more comfortable and milder when you are here while the temperature is high. Volga river nearby makes the winds unbearable in a cold times (which means from October till April). Great view at the river.


Take ur pick..U wanna climb up or u wanna go down..!! Anyways this staircase is just wy too take breaks i between and click pics of the picturesque backdrop of the Kremlin, rivers etc..!!


The statue is not the masterpiece. But the river view, view on Kremlin is great, plus Verkhnevolzhskaya Embankment starts here.


Its a long walk up but well worth the effort. Great views of the Volga as you ascend the stairs.I guess you could just walk down too :-)


First of all, this unique landmark as the Eiffel Tower: beautiful when you're not on it, and watch from afar. On the other hand - is a convenient route between the waterfront and the Kremlin, if you have the strength to walk the hundreds of steps.


If you want to find a good place for your photos, it is it! Especially, if you find time when there will be not many people - best time in the morning.


When I was there - it has been restoring. But I tried to walk upstairs during my previous visit. It is not easy, but very interesting. The view to the rivers and kremlin is different from each part af the staircase. And don't forget, that doctors advice to do upstairs on foot!


I think Silvester Stallone aka Rambo would have loved that place for training. Nice piece of architecture and much more stairs than on his training location in Philadelphia. In summer also just nice to sit there and watching the other people running up and down and of course enjoying the view over the Wolga


560 staircase - one more place of rendezvous. romantic place, nice view & the main place of all concerts!


This is one way to get your heart rate up. It takes you up the hill from the river (near a small boat statue) to the Kremlin and town up above.(maybe you should take it down) Watch out for holes through some of the steps. This is in need of maintenance but a worthwhile place to visit and to climb! Great views abound.


You really must see Volga at least once in your life. And better to see it in Nizhny Novgorod.


Just big stairway to the river. I do not understan why it is so special


The staircase is a very interesting shape but does need a visit during summer months with the best views of it from the Volga. Intend to do this later this year, its a great link between the centre of Nizhny and the Volga.


One must take this challenge and walk up the staircase.The best view on it is, however, from the river, so it's possible to enjoy it only in summer.


The view from the top is great ! Especially the sunset on the Volga. and when you feel adventurous, you decide to go down the stairs to touch the Volga ... and you realize half way through that it's a lot of step, so you decide to count them when you go back up ... 10 ... 20 ... 50 ... 100...150 ...300....500....can't breathe ... 580something ... ! But worth it, you can have a beer now ! you've burnt the calories already !

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