yekaterinburg war memorial


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yekaterinburg war memorial



While traveling across Russia as part of a Trans Siberian Train Experience from Moscow to Vladivostok, we stopped in Yekaterinburg for a day of sightseeing. Our guide took us to this site which memorializes those who lost their life while fighting with the Russian Army in Afghanistan. It is one of the major memorials in town. As a Vet myself I stood and gazed at the numerous names on the wall and the statue of the soldier. A woman with a little boy came up with a bouquet of flowers, looked for a name on the wall, and then touched it with a hand kiss and then placed the flowers on the floor below it. Touching. Very poignant. A sad moment for me as well.


My wife, myself and youngest son spent two weeks in the city and adjoining countryside. It is a fascinating city, steeped in Russian History with many first class museums to explainand inform visitors. The city centre is pleasing to walk especiall along the river and 'sea.' Shopping was exciting as well especially in the pedestrianised areas.We went to the ballet and opera, but were unlucky that we had visited just before the season opened properly.We also hired a car and drove a distance of over 800kms spending one week end at a family holiday park. The 'banya' (Russian Sauna) was great as was the bbq in the woods. (Be warned of mosquitoes!)The selection of food products in the shops was extensive.The tourist agency was very very helpful and the standard of food on the Aeroflot flight was also of a far higher standard that you get on some other airlines.Reataurant meals were also very good, but portions were sometimes smaller than we expected. But that is the Russian tradition.A very enjoyable and educating two weeks.


This monument is located outside the main avenues or turistic venues but is the most moving, touching sculpture of the many I've seen as war memorials. It is a monument on the soldiers/militars who fought in Afganistan. It is several meters high, so, impressive in itself, and shows a soldier, with a weapon, a rifle, in one hand and his head bowed.His face summarizes defeat and hopelessness, cold and loneliness. Currently the square is under revamping but you can see the sculpture behind the tin-walls. Worth making a little detour to pay a look, and a silent tribute.


This museum seems to have closed. There are some artifacts outside on display, but the grounds are in a sad state of neglect. Walk past and have a look at the armor and artillery on display.


Worth a look if you are nearby but more if a personal chance for reflection than anything grandiose to look at. Good to see many of the lesser known campaigns remembered and those who died far from home.


It is a touching memorial and the square includes a fountain. You don't need very much time here. If you are in the town it is worth a stop but don't get your hopes up.


One of the best war memorials I have visited. Obviously, by the flowers left, a very living testament to the loss of life that war brings


This place and this monument makes all cry, when thinking about "Why do people need war???"


It's worth the short walk away from the main street to see this memorial to those who died in Russia's war with Afghanistan. It's unusual to see a large memorial like this to the Afghan war, and it's also unusual to see a memorial in Russia with such a simplle, realistic representation of a soldier. Its simplicity made it all the more effective and moving for me. A terrible, tragic war.


Первый раз впечатлен памятником о войне, другой войне, без лишнего пафоса. Даже и не припоминается что-то такое.


в первый раз памятник увидел, проезжая на такси и чуть не свернул шею. Фигура уставшего солдата обладает какой то магической притягательной силой. Решил вернуться и осмотреть поближе. Хоть и не очень впечатлительный я человек, но ком в горле застрял. Приезжал еще несколько раз взглянуть, но то, что это "черный тюльпан" и символично изображается борт самолета, узнал только недавно. Не обратил на эту деталь внимания, даже читая фамилии. Вечная память!


Вообщем даже рассказывать не очем.Памятник как памятник.Щас стал лучше после ремонта.Если есть время сходите.


Памятник представляет собой символический образ военного самолета Черный тюльпан,в центре-солдат с поникшей головой.На пилонах написаны имена павших в бою солдат,погибших в Афганистане и Чеченской войне.Особенно трагично смотрится мемориал на белом снегу.Стоя перед памятником,хочется встать на колени,чтобы почтить память ребят,имена которых выбиты на пилонах.Вечная память!


Действительно создан уникальный памятник увековечивший память о воинах,отдавших жизнь за родину, за ее будущее...Черный мрамор подчеркивает трагизм и траур...Когда я был у памятника и смотрел на фамилии погибших появилось чувство уважения и благодарности за то, что они сделали...Памятник реально выполняет то, что было заложено в него авторами...Светлая память всем погибшим!


Дань памяти солдатам погибшим, защищая ближние и дальние рубежи нашей Родины. На огромных колоннах, расположенных вокруг массивной скульптуры скорбящего по товарищам солдата, можно найти имена павших в Афганистане, при обороне на Кавказа, возложить цветы...Напротив памятника расположен фонтан, рядом с которым очень нравится играться детям.Ваш А.К.

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