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weir on river iset



Now, over the summer time, the dancing fountains are in full gear. It's beautiful and the music is pleasing. Great to relax on one of the benches by the river or walk by. It's located right in the center of the city, and all the major sight are within a walking distance, so don't miss it out.


A beautiful place in Yekaterinburg, it gives a good view of the city and it is a favorite spot to go for a stroll on a Sunday afternoon. From there you can walk to severaL other places which are worth to visit.Restaurants are close by and the food is good if you like the local cuisine.


A beautiful and tranquil park with lots of scenery surrounding a calm and clean lake. A promenade leads one around the lake from the statues of the founders of Yekaterinburg to the Dynamo Sport Club where we enjoyed a wonderful lunch for about $12 dollars for two people. A bargain in any language.


Stroll along the river and have a rest at this area during weekend. Along the way you will see people basking, youngster enjoying their time with their skateboard, bmx or rollerblade. You will also see hips of padlocks attached on fence and bridges. The artistic value on the wall is also not to be missed.


Sometimes, if I've a free time enough, I taking my wife and driving to the center of Yekaterinburg (We are live in Berezovsky). I parking my car on any side of Gogol street not far from Lenina street and walking to Plotinka. First of all we are making a circle about St. Ekaterina chapel and the square of labor fountain. Then we are going between the old water tower and monument to the city founders, down the stairs to the promenade and turn toward the Malyshev street. Slowly stroll to the bridge at the Museum of Fine Arts, go across the Iset River to the other side and turn back, but we shall not at the waterfront, and have a walk the alleys with commemorative stones. At the end we come to the waterfall dam, stand a little and stare at the falling water. Then go around the waterfall and go through the archway under Lenin Street, walk past the gazebo, sometimes go into it and stand little, after going past the house of the merchant Savost'yanova, lapidary art museum and monument to the founder of the radio Popova after crossing the street Lenin to own car. Wife after a walk says, "Oh, I was poisoned by oxygen." I recommend at least occasionally make such a walk along the river Iset and Plotinka.


It was really cold the day I went to the park. REALLY cold. But it was very much worth it. If you go to Yeketerinburg, this weir is a must. They have done a wonderful job of creating a space where ever direction you look there is a picture worth taking. The weir is only steps from downtown and I imagine it is very well visited on warm days. I hope one they open access to more of the parkland upstream from the weir.


A wonderful cool place to hang out especially with your loved one. I was there last year with my husband and quite liked the atmosphere. The place was not much crowded though. We enjoyed the walk on Plotinka. The main highlight is that there are many attractions nearby including Temple on the blood, Stone Parke and many more. There were many other young couples there to lock their name on the railings and then throw away the key. It was a kind of usual custom here. It was amazing. Truly one of the best places in Yekaterinburg.


One needs to be able to appreciate the historical significance of the weir, although it's not a bad place to take a walk, weather permitting, along it, even if you care nothing about history. Once you realize the history behind it, inseparable from the history of the whole city built by Peter the Great as a gate to Asia, your appreciation rises.


A charming, quiet, relaxing place right in the busy centre of the city. Turn there from crowded streets, sit at the water or walk along the weir for only 15 minutes - and you'll feel recovered...Expecially nice in summer and autumn.


Every city needs a central spot and this is Ekaterinburg's. It has space, history, romance, potential and is a great meeting spot. True no loo.


I really liked visiting the Weir as there is a lovely promenade along the river. Many young people gathering there. Also the place for young couples to attach their padlocks and then throw away the keys.


Very pretty waterfront area for hanging around outside in nice weather. An interesting custom is seen on part of the railing along the upper end: When a couple is married, they put their names on a lock, lock it onto the railing, and throw the key into the river,


Was there last year in October 2011. Was amused how everything is changed in 20 years from the last time i was there before. Very beautiful and nice attraction. Very clean and not crowded at all compering to NY.What i also liked that no vendors selling all the kind of staff and food and no bums. only one problem there is luck of public restroom.


This is where it all starts. The Weir gave birth to this amazing city, and walking along its banks will allow you to see amazing sights and people watch. You won't be able to miss it, and a visit here will stay with you.


This is the heart of the city. From the Weir began the history of Yekaterinburg and Ural Region.

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